Monday, 15 August 2011

Improve that bathroom

Bathrooms show your personality just like the rest of your home whether your calm, energetic, or just like to keep it simple. Research has shown some funny results did you know that 70% of House guests snoop through your cupboards and draws? maybe your one of them who nows but what im getting at is buy the bathroom that reflects YOU. Now to do that you think you need alot of money due to the rise in bathroom products and suppliers trying to make that extra profit on alot of products but at Tile And Bathroom Warehouse we didn't change we kept our prices low and still provide the high quality products and service. Like this Morango 600mm Unit & Basin Below only £267 inc v.a.t and Free Delivery.

This is just a small sample of the products take a look at our online store for more dont like the price you see thats fine seeing as we started as a small merchant we are use to haggling prices just drop us a email and we will Contact you about your offer we hope to see you soon bye.

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